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The reason true romance is nearly dead in this generation is that people have forgotten the difference between love and romance. Individuals begin with concepts born out of sappy movies and penny-novelettes, confuse one with the other, and claim sorrow when they are hurt by their own unachievable expectations. The truth, which few poets, actors, and authors bother to tell us is that romance is individualistic and not idealistic.

People love to be on a mission with romance, and it is often their last hope. Most thinkers insist that this incessant search for a partner is deep-seated in the insecurity and fear of loneliness, whereas others argue that insecurity is what constant longing leads too. The answer probably lies in the fact that these two aspects of human life are mutually inseparable, and, at times, one can be both the cause and the effect. In the face of all this, people are forced to question where does true romance lie, and in what capacity are they to seek it. This is an enigma that has haunted humanity ever since the idea of romance was conceived and people began to approach love as a science, leaving out instincts and relying up on reasoning.

The only way to approach to sex positions romance is to realize that answers cannot and should not be sought outside the self. The answers are present inside each individual. The interpretation of love and romance should only be derived from personal insight, as every other mode of answering is false and deceptive.

Romance is the behavioral response to the feeling of love. The two are not the same technically, but if people choose to see them as such, it is entirely their call. Very often, true romance is viewed as sexual excitation and attachment, or, at other times, it takes the form of dependence on a particular person. Every such view requires a unique gratification, and, thus, the definition of true romance varies from person to person. However, this satisfaction is related to a clear understanding of personal romantic expectations. Individuals cannot be satisfied with dates and kisses when what they really want is intimacy. Seeking gratification of even the most morbid form of romance is not wrong until it hurts another living being.

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