A house cleaning business includes residential customers of various kinds. It includes any type of residential property such as apartments, condominiums and rental property. Both the office and house cleaning services are very good. The obvious difference between the two consist of the fact that houses are cleaned in the daytime hours and offices are cleaned in the evening hours.

Generally, you would need more residential customers compared to office cleaning in Melbourne commercial accounts to bring in the amount of money each month that just one or two office cleaning accounts could provide you with.

Residential accounts can include ovens, showers, tubs and beds but you would rarely have to clean any of those things with office cleaning accounts. Many residential customers want cleaning done once a week but office cleaning accounts typically require cleaning to be done more often than once a week.

Some small offices require cleaning only once a week but usually 2, 3 or 5 times a week is more common. One office cleaning account may pay one thousand a month or more for your cleaning service. You would need more than one residential customer to equal the kind of money that one office account could bring in for you each month. However, when you are first getting started in the cleaning business, you may find it easier or faster for you to get house cleaning customers than office cleaning accounts.

Residential clients help promote your cleaning business by word of mouth but office managers and property managers are simply to busy running their own business to recommend your cleaning service to other people. Letters of references from office managers and property managers will speak for themselves and can be used to get more business.

It is not easy to get any business started but a cleaning service is much easier to get off the ground. You won’t need much money to get it started either. There are great success stories in both the house and office service businesses. Some people start off doing both to be more diversified in what they have to offer. They do go very well together and one customer quite often leads to another. One door opens another in the cleaning business, so consider offering both types of cleaning services when you are first getting started.

You can use the same company name and business license for both house cleaning and office cleaning services or you can specialize in one of them.


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