Women are temperamental. All men know that, and all women acknowledge that secretly or openly. Some women believe it is their right. Footwear designers agree wholeheartedly. Brands go out of their way to meet women’s moodiness. Yes, sandals are the crowning glories of a woman’s attire. Admittedly they are worn on feet and not the head, but they take the credit for enhancing the wearer’s dress, her personality, her mood and her carriage. Today, there are all kinds of footwear available online for women – from high heel sandals to simple sandals that can be worn to work and even wedding shoes. All have one thing in common, they satiate women’s moods.

High heel sandals are all about sexy fashion. Bright peep-toes promise sultry style, sequined peep toes are perfect for flirting, or attention grabbing sky-high sandals in black are some super sizzling styles that will suit the afterhours. Brands like Catwalk, Inc.5, Carlton London and Tresmode make a woman feel good about herself while adding a touch of comfort to these sandals. The simpler styles in these sandals, however, keep the feet encased in comfort and are designed for women who are in the mood to relax with a loved one or who like to feel comfortable at the work place. But whatever be the frame of mind, women can turn to online shopping for sandals. The variety of high heel sandals and comfy sandals will definitely cheer you up. Buy footwear online to be truly temperamental and to be perfectly stylish.

Even if a woman doesn’t have her mood swings, weddings are bound to bring them out. While in the midst of the stressful wedding hustle-bustle, when the bride-to-be wants everything to be perfect, wedding shoes can make or break her mood and spirits. Festive footwear for women is about matching the right wedding shoes to the dress and the jewellery, such that they are appropriate for the event. Wedding shoes accentuate the ensemble and give the bride the added height to stand up with the groom. Oversized gold buckles, sling-back styles with metallic embellishments, contemporary styles with stylish ornaments, ethnic sandals made of shiny materials and sequined wedges, can be used for different occasions. Designer wedding shoes for women like Veruschka, Swati Modo and Malaga have lived it up at Indian fashion weeks and Google Anlytics SetUp can liven up festive outfits further. If still not satisfied with the look and feel, jazz up sandals with accessories such as heel condoms. They will dress up your single tone pumps, and infuse them with playfulness. Women can add interesting twist and turns to their D-day ceremonies by sporting fun, classic, romantic, sexy or eye-catching wedding shoes to grab the attention of onlookers. Add glamour. Add chicness. Be stylish!

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