When applying a lace front wig it does not have to be done by a professional, although it is recommended, that you seek services from someone who specializes in lace front wigs. You can easily apply one at home by yourself, but remember that you will need to be patient in order to perfect the technique. You should also take the time to learn and understand the technique in how to apply a lace front wig.

Lace front wigs are delicate so they should  braided wig be handled gently and with care so they do not rip. When combing your lace front wig you should always use a wide tooth comb. You should comb the hair gently, but not excessively, nor should you tug on the hair because it will cause damage to the lace front. Combing it excessively or tugging on the lace front may cause the wig to shed. Once you have the wig on you will need to make sure you keep it moisturized. At night, to keep the lace front from tangling, you should braid the hair and tie a silk scarf around your head, especially the edges of your hairline.

So now that you know how to care for your lace front wig, you are ready to apply it to your head. There are two different ways that the wig can be attached. You can use a liquid adhesive or a tape adhesive. Both methods will give you a secure hold; the method you choose is up to your personal preference. Since the lace front wig will be applied directly to your skin (right below your hairline), you will need to make sure that the area is clean, free of oils and hairless, no matter which adhesive you decide upon. If you do not take the precautions you will not achieve a secure hold.

Step One: Hairline Preparation
The first thing you will need to do in this step is cut the lace front wig back to the hairline, while being careful as to not cut any of the hair. Then, position the wig on your head, the wig hairline should go in front of your own hairline. This is to avoid the glue from touching your own hair. When the matching of your hairline and the wig are to your satisfaction, you will need to trim the hairline of the lace front back to match your own hairline, by trimming the lace front wig. This will give a natural appearance to the wig.

Step Two: Apply Scalp Protector
To apply the scalp protector, you will need to use a non-oily soap (Ivory or dial is good) to clean your face and around the perimeter of your hairline. After you have completed this, you will need to apply the Scalp Protector, by spraying or dabbing it on around the perimeter of your head, right below your hairline. The Scalp Protector is used as a barrier between the adhesive and your skin, in order to protect your skin. Since oily skin can weaken the bond of the adhesive, the Scalp Protector helps in keeping them away from the skin, allowing for a stronger hold.

Step Three: Applying Adhesive

Directions for Liquid Adhesive:
Some adhesives may come with a brush that you can use to apply the adhesive, but if one does not come with it, use a small, thin applicator (i.e. eye shadow brush) to apply the adhesive. When applying the liquid adhesive you will not need a lot, a little goes a long way.

Now you will need to apply a thin coat of adhesive around the perimeter of your head, making sure it is below your hairline. Next, you will need to use a cool setting blow dryer to dry the glue for about 30-45 seconds (the glue should be sticky). Depending on which adhesive you have chosen to use it can take about 15 minutes. In this step, it is very important to make sure that the glue is very sticky before you apply the wig, to ensure a secure hold. If it is not sticky enough, you run the risk of the wig lifting in a couple of days.

Now it is time to apply the wig. Starting with the front of the hairline, you will need to press the lace front wig unit and glued area firmly together, while applying constant pressure. You will need to do this until the unit can stay by itself, which can be at lease a minute or longer. Continue repeating this step for the nape of your neck and the sides, all while practicing patience. It is recommended that you wait at lease 15 minutes before styling the lace front wig, allowing the glue to adhere and to dry completely.

No matter which liquid adhesive you use, these are the basic steps to follow. Once you practice, you will develop your own technique on how to apply a liquid adhesive and apply the wig.

Directions for Application of Wig Tape Adhesive:
The wig tape is available for purchase in rolls or strips, and is sticky on both sides. First you will need to expose the adhesive of the tape by peeling one side back. Then you will need to apply the tape around the perimeter of your head (keeping it on your skin). Next, place the wig on your head and position it so the perimeter of the wig lines up with the edges of the tape. (A wise thing to do is to pin the hair of the wig up so that it does not get in the way of the tape.) Now you are ready to expose the tape on the other side by peeling the tape and revealing the adhesive. Now you are ready to start at the front of your hairline, and attach the lace front by pressing and holding it to the adhesive for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then you will need to repeat the same steps for the nape of your neck and sides.

As with anything you do, you will need to practice, practice, practice, and be patient, patient, patient. These are just the basic skills for applying a lace front wig and once you have done enough you will develop your own unique technique in applying the wigs.


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