What actually is towing?

Towing is the process of pulling a vehicle behind some other vehicle. The vehicle that is being pulled is called as dinghy or trailer and the vehicle pulling it is called as the tow vehicle. Following are the types of towing.


Trailer Tow

Trailer towing is the most common of all the types in which a trailer that is an automotive vehicle is attached to a vehicle that is being pulled, hence the trailer-vehicle combination varies in such kind of towing.


Off-road Tow

It is a type of recovery towing for off-road vehicles. In which a vehicle is stuck while the other vehicle pulls it to unstuck it from a place. This pulling is done with help of a tow hook or a normal winch to connect the two vehicles.


Recovery Tow

As the name suggests in this type of towing a broken-down vehicle is hauled by tow truck either by using flatbed or hooking the vehicles frame to the tow truck.


Pintle Tow

It is a type of heavy-duty towing that is mostly used in military, agricultural and commercial settings. It involves trailering that is joined by a pintle connection to the towing vehicle and trailer.


Lawn Mower Tow

Lawn mower towing makes a highly effective form of towing around a yard. It is usually attached to a lawn tractor that can help move and pull small fertilizer trailer, utility trailers, and other trailers related to yardwork. They can also be used to move certain materials around an area or property.


All of these are the types of towing that are used on daily basis or on occasions. You can also avail different kind of towing services from your local towing company such as towing Milpitas that can help you wield your broken-down vehicle.

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