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Wow, what a statement! I am sure I’ll be excoriated for this opinion.

But seriously, this is how I make my living. I understand and analyze how the packaging industry works. It’s complicated and it’s big business. To be cost effective consumer products companies have been forced to use packaging as an integral part of their marketing campaigns. Remember the salesperson? When was the last time you saw one who actually knew anything about the products inside the store? Selling – that is one job of product packaging. It has to tell the customer all about what’s inside the packaging. It helps you make an informed purchasing decision too.

Let me pose another question. When was the last time you bought something in a beat up shopworn, dog-eared package? That’s another packaging job — to protect and secure the product inside (what a concept).

One factor these nay-sayers never consider is who pays for damaged products? You do, the consumer of course! One study says that there is a 20% waste factor in fresh produce that’s packaged properly. The detractors say no excess produce packaging! What will be the waste factor with no or limited packaging? And who will absorb this cost? You will again not the package manufacturers or the retailers.

My mind is numb from all the hue and cry about problem packaging: bad packaging, excess packaging, wrap rage packaging, get rid of packaging, leave packaging at the store and so on. This one gets to me too — stories about how many injuries there are from people trying to open packaging.

420 packaging is under attack by the very people who need it the most and understand it the least: The Consumer. I counted no less than 10 stories this week decrying the bane of packaging. But it’s true that what is considered excess packaging is in the eye of the beholder. But with media headlines like this how can one not be swayed?

Weekend of action against packaging waste;

Don’t fall victim to Wrap Rage this holiday;

Parents urged to fight toy packaging,

and don’t forget these current trendy buzz phrases: Packaging Hall Of Shame,
Consumer Reports Oyster Awards; and packaging related accidents. Yikes! Who wouldn’t be on the lookout.

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