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Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is the best choice if you want to make your first money online. There are a lot of high quality products in ClickBank and you can get high commission by selling their products.

In this article I’m gonna explain you some basic steps (choosing a product, making a blog review and getting organic traffic from Google) that you can try so that you can get your first commission from ClickBank. Keep reading…

a. How to choose ClickBank product to promote.

These are some factors that you need to consider while choosing a ClickBank product:

*$/sale: Dollars Earned Per Sale
Don’t waste your time by selling products which give you low commission (10 $ or less). Except if you like the sales page of the product.

Always choose product with high %refd to promote. High %refd means if the product are sold well by the affiliate.

This is the most important thing to see when you choose a ClickBank product. Gravity is an indication if a product is sold well or not in the last two months. So, always choose a product with high gravity.

If you’ve chosen the product, now it’s time for you to create a blog review.

Note: avoid promoting make money online product or product related to internet marketing because most affiliates usually buy product from their affiliate link.

b. How to promote a ClickBank product in a blog

The first thing you must do is to choose the right keyword for your blog post title. Google keyword tool is the best free tool you can use to get a popular keyword. It is recommended for you to choose long-tail keyword as it’s easier to get number one in Google in that kind of keyword how to get wikipedia backlinks compared to targeting a single keyword such as acne and cats.

*How to make a good title for a blog review.

Example: if you want to promote “acne no more” product, avoid using “How to cure acne naturally” title as this title is too general. The best title for this case is “how to cure acne naturally with acne no more”. Alternatively, you can also make a good title like: “Acne no more – cure your acne naturally within days guaranteed”

The next step is to get number 1 Google of the keyword you are targeting.

c. How to get organic traffic from Google.

You need to get high quality backlinks to get higher ranking in Google. According to Wikipedia, backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page.

In order to get number 1 in Google, you need to use anchor text of the keyword you are targeting in the backlinks you get.

*How to get anchor backlinks.

1. Submitting article to article directory

This is a great way to get high quality backlink for your blog. What you need to do is make an article and submit it to article directories such as Ezine articles and create anchor backlinks in the resource box.

2. Social bookmark

Another good way to increase backlinks. You just need to bookmark your blog post. Make sure you include anchor text in the title of social bookmark sites you are using.

3. Forum

It could be the easiest way to get backlinks. What you need do to is participate in the forum and put anchor backlinks in the signatures. The best place to start is digital point forum.

If needed, you can get more backlinks from press release sites, directory submission, blog commenting, etc.

If done correctly, you can see your blog getting high ranking in Google within weeks and visitors buy your product, thus you will get your first commission from ClickBank.

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