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A hard drive failure is an event dreaded by all computer users. Within seconds, data collected and processed over several months and years may be lost. With computers being utilized in more and more avenues, data recovery has almost become a norm.

A hard drive may crash due to several reasons. These are classified into two main categories, logical and physical. The logical failures refer to faults in the file system, software or a virus attack. Physical crashes are due to voltage fluctuations, strong magnetic fields around the computer or a heavy impact.

Today, using state-of-the-art technologies, it is possible to recover almost 80% of the lost data. hard drive recovery is best performed by experts and firms dealing with such work, as it is a tedious process. A combination of both software and hardware are required to perform the recovery task effectively.

A working computer, preinstalled with all the necessary software, is a must for any recovery process. The damaged hard drive can be tested on this machine to determine the actual fault. In case of logical failure, several disk utility tools are available. These softwares scan the hard drive for any errors or bad sectors that might have been created due to faulty software. Anti-virus programs are also commonly used to detect the presence of a malicious virus attack. Platforms such as Windows, Macintosh and Linux have their own individual disk utilities and so almost all systems can be successfully recovered. File systems such as NTFS, ext3 and xfs reduce the risk of logical damage.

Physical damage to the hard drive requires the use of electronic equipment to fix problems on the magnetic disk and circuit board. Apart from standard equipment, gadgets such as magnetometers are also used to physically extract data bits from the magnetic media. Some components may also require to be changed.

Apart from hardware and software, guides in the form of e-books and written manuals are also available to assist in the hard drive recovery process.

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