Want to invest in a fancy trade show display? Then, plan to design the pop up display booth carefully for beauty and ease of use. Availing of the opportunity to display and showcase the works of an artist is literally something amazing in that artist’s career! This is why making a careful plan to create an impressive pop up display booth is very crucial to attract attention and make money in a trade fair.

Before delving deep into various aspects of the subject, knowledge about the difference between the gift show and the art and craft fair should be clear.

Gift shows are the meeting points for wholesale buyers and sellers and the buyers out there include gift shop owners, publishers and retail catalogue owners, retail chain owners and the buyers purchase the gift products to resell them. In fact, the aim of the artisans out there in a gift show is to market their wares to the wholesale buyers. Here is a set of features of a gift show.

1) Business-to-business deal or the sale of products to retailers only

2) Face-to-face interaction between crafters and buyers

3) Placement of buying orders for the gift products to fill the market after the show

Gift Exhibition:

Pop up trade show display is also known as trade exhibition. Vendors most often rent 10` pop up display space to turn that into their showroom for the duration of the exhibition. The exhibit should have a consistent feel and theme, and should be pertinent to the kind of pop up trade show displays work being displayed. This is why the necessity of careful planning of booth design is very vital. Start planning it on a piece of paper before making purchases or trying to set up a booth at an exhibit. Here are some points that need to be borne in mind and that can make a difference.

a) The companies that are promoting their products to trade show exhibitors must ensure that they have right kind of products for the gift show exhibitors.

b) They bring lightweight and easy-to-transport pop up displays along with them, besides pleasant-looking carpet.

c) They bring them to showcase and display their products and services to their visitors. Good type display systems are more versatile and often come with built-in shelving.

d) Companies need to bring appropriate display stands and equipments.

e) Adequate lighting system is of top necessity. Use of directional lamps to aim at items for sale is a good idea, besides the use of floor lamps and tabletop or clamping lamps.

f) Use of banners and signs is a good way to attract attention and make information available.

Display Booth Design and Ideas:

Vendors in such a show don’t need to bring multiple items as these shows don’t invite retailers. Only the best items need to be brought. If their products are chosen by the retailers, they can take wholesale orders from them. Also, they can contact with the retailers after the event period ends. Remember that booth space that vendors book for the event period becomes their private showroom. Make sure they’ve come up with a consistent and right theme and design to match the work being promoted. This is why they should consider:

a) Color of the pop up displays

b) Angles, such as rectangular shelves, rounded surfaces, etc.

c) Table and tabletop displays ought to complement the walls of the pop up display

d) Appropriate stands to display best works

As such a show can be a great place to promote products; vendors need to focus on how to provide the best services to their visitors. On spot sales-lead generation is quite common and this is why they should bring plenty of wholesale order forms.

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