Christmas is always celebrated on December 25. Independence Day in the US is always July 4th. However, the date of Easter, unlike most holidays, changes every year. Further more Easter is celebrated in different countries on different days depending if you are an Eastern European Christian or a Western European Christian. In America we glorify the Easter holiday whose date is dictated by the lunar calendar. This results Easter falling somewhere between March 22 and April 25 since the date is calculated as the first Sunday that follows the full moon after the vernal equinox which is March 21. Aren’t you glad you can just check your calendar! The most important Christian religious festivals are Easter, Lent and Christmas. However for many Christians Easter is their most important holiday of the year since it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is believed that the word Easter originates from the Old English word, Eostre, which stems from the name of the Germanic Goddess of light Eostre or Ostara. This goddess represents the return of springtime and all things new. The blooming of flowers, as well as nature in general, is also associated with this goddess. Today, Easter is more commonly known and referenced as the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many Christians also observe 40 days prior to Easter, which is known as Lent, a time of reflection and penance. As the date of Easter falls between March 22 and April 25, the celebration of rebirth of Christ and the start of spring coalesce the concepts of new life and celebration. The Jewish Holiday, Passover, also takes place in the spring and the Christian celebrations of Easter were originally tied to Jewish celebrations of Passover. In the US, Easter is celebrated in all its different guises by many divergent cultures.

Countries all over the world celebrate Easter annually with bright pastel colored eggs, sweets, pastries, fun activities as well as religious ceremonies. Although the origins of this day are religious, many people embrace the non-religious version of Easter. For those embracing the Easter practices of celebrating the beginning of spring and rebirth with such symbols as the Easter bunny and Easter eggs, this is a fun time for both adults and children. Decorating eggs, filling their homes with joyful baby rabbit and fluffy chicken images, as well as giving each other Easter cards are traditions enjoyed by all. In addition, Easter egg hunts or Easter egg rolls are a fun way to pass the time with those you love. Like many holidays, Easter is a time to spend with close family and good friends.

However, if you are too far away to actually spend time together, send your loved ones Easter cards. An Easter card is a lovely way to show your friends and family that you are thinking of them. Whether your Easter greeting card is handmade or bought it will be appreciated. Some of the first Easter 2022 cards depicted images of rabbits, lambs, flowers, and little girls, symbols which represented good luck to the person who received the Easter card. An interesting historical fact is that Easter cards were first sent as postcards, with one side for an image and a greeting and one side for the address. The design of Easter cards has evolved. You find cards not only that are full of cute baby animals and birds, flowers, babies, brightly colored eggs, and other symbols of spring, but also many Easter cards with religious themes. Sending Easter greeting cards is now so common that Easter has become the fourth most popular card-sending holiday in the US!

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