This article is able buying Christmas gifts and toys during tough economic times. It has a happy ending. But to appreciate it, please bear with the unhappier first part of the story. If you can’t stand that part, please jump to “What’s The Game Plan?” further down.

Uncertain Times

This Christmas season is colored by economic uncertainty. Many are unemployed and many who are employed have had their wages cut back. Some are working at a job that pays them a lot less than they were used to, but they are happy to have a job at all.

The folks in Washington DC and in our state capitols want us to cut back, but they will not cut back, so far. They ask us to do what they will not do. Some leaders! A real leader would lead by example.

The average American has much less discretionary income than last year, and last year was no winner. Money is tight. Many Americans are in hunker-down, bunker-mentality. Some believe that this is the new normal, and that the old normal will never return.

It seems that every generation has feared that their children, the next generation, may not live better than them. Until now, the next generation has had it better than the proceeding one. Today, all of that seems to be changed. Many believe that the next generation might very well live at a lower standard of living than we have today.

What’s The Game Plan?

Enough doom and gloom. What is a good way to cope with this? What’s a good strategy to deal with uncertain times at Christmas?

It seems that no matter how bad the times are, people gather their resources for Christmas gifts, especially for their kids and for their wives and husbands. Christmas may not be as big as before, but Christmas gift boxes, like Christmas stockings on the fireplace, will not be empty or bare.

Christmas gift buyers want to be wise with their budget this Christmas.

And, people certainly don’t want to see their money go for a Christmas gift that falls flat. People want to give a gift that is appreciated.

If you are going to cut back on Christmas gifts this year, you can either get many really inexpensive gifts or concentrate on a few really good ones. Which would you rather get?

No matter which way you go, you want your gift to be liked and appreciated. Often, the best way to ensue that is to shop for popular gifts, the best-selling gifts, or the most-wished-for gifts.

Some Christmas gifts are duds and are never, or seldom, used or enjoyed. But, some Christmas gifts are a real hit and are enjoyed and remembered for a long time, even for years. (“Remember when you got me…”)

There is very good reason to shop for best-selling gifts: They’re best sellers because people like them. People must like them for a reason. If you buy a Christmas gift that is popular, a top-seller, and most wished-for, you tip the odds greatly in your favor for giving a Christmas gift that will please.

Another factor in Christmas gift buying is convenience. I dislike crowds at the mall at Christmas time. I really dislike having to find a parking space on the fringe of the mall parking lot and having to fight my way through cars paying attention to scant parking spots and not to me. I like the convenience of shopping online at a store that I can trust, has great customer service, and offers reliable, quick shipping. is one of my favorite places to shop, and not just for books and videos, by for substantial products.

We found web sites that have done your Christmas gift shopping homework for you and feature the best, hottest, and top Christmas gifts and Christmas toys online. All of these products are fresh and first-rate from Amazon. They’re not pawed over, broken, or slapped back on the shelf after having been knocked to the floor.

Sit back, click, order through the online catalog. Let someone else, a professional, deal with the traffic to get your Christmas gift or Christmas toy delivered to your front door in a few days time.

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