If you are here then you know how frustrating it can be to first get online in Starcraft 2. New players get demolished by veterans. Even if you place in the lowest division, which is copper, there are still many players that have a solid idea of what they’re doing and can present a great challenge. Knowledge is power and knowing a thing or two about build orders can help a great deal. Here is the best Terran build order that I’ve found to work. Keep in mind that this is just one variation and there are plenty more out there.

Terran build order to prevent a rush:

1. Build SCVs up until you hit 9/9 supply. Make sure to set the rally point on minerals so they harvest as soon as they come from the command center.
2. As soon as your ninth SCV is produced run him to the ramp and build a supply depot. Keep a SCV in the queue at the command center.
3. When the supply depot finishes, use that SCV to build a copper mugs barracks tight up against the supply depot to form a wall before the ramp. Continue building SCVs while this is happening.
4. At 13 supply get an SCV to build a refinery. While this is going up, get the first SCV to build another supply right by the barracks. The wall should now be complete.
5. The refinery and barracks should both be finishing up now and as soon as they do make sure your SCV queue is empty and upgrade to an orbital command.
6. Set two more SCVs to harvest gas from the refinery you just built. Also get one of the SCVs to build another supply.
7. While the supply is being built train 3 or 4 marines from the barracks.
8. Get a tech lab add-on for your barracks and start building 1 or 2 more barracks.
9. When the orbital command is finished, call down a MULE to harvest minerals. MULEs last 20 seconds and gather at double the rate of SCVs, so use them whenever you can.

From here on out it is up to you. I recommend mass producing marines and marauders from your barracks until you have a decent sized army. Attack as soon as you think you can do some damage. Use scans from the orbital command to spy on the other players and see if your army can conquer them.

Terran is a very well balanced race and fun to play. Use this Terran build order to gain a feel fo


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