Acne is for teenagers – you will grow out of it!

Acne require careful hygiene proper care to the skin and many factors causing the skin not able to recover fast. It is so important to cultivate good habit in cleaning and protecting the skin. It is always warn us that “prevention better than cure” so do not wait and “you will grow out of it”. Even anyone without blemishes should take good care of their skin beginning from young and when we are aged already have this good habits of preventing from wrinkle or pigmentation.

Make-up Causes Acne

Most make-ups today are “non-comedogenic”, which means they won’t clog the
pores. When buying for Make-up cosmetics, look for products that are “non-comedogenic”,
oil-free (water-based) and hypoallergenic (no added fragrance).

Acne Is Caused By Too Much Sex

It is true that androgen, the hormones that all of us begin producing during puberty,
are one of main contributing factors. While these and other hormones may initiate sex drive, your sexual habits have no effect on acne.

Sweating Cleans Out Your Pores

No, there are two different pores on the skin, one is the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum and the other is the sweat glands that helps regulate the temperature of the skin’s heat and hydrate the skin but anything is excessive over doing will only causes the skin disorder.

Sun Exposure Helps Acne

Yes, as Sun has the UV that helps to disinfection but excessive exposure will cause increase production of the sebaceous glands to be too active and can be serious develops more acne.

Scrubbing and Toning The Skin Stops Acne

Scrub and toning help preventing further breaking out of acne but they are not the actual proper and correct treatment products

Stress Causes Acne

It is not very true that stress causes acne, Stress caused many functions of our body. Sometimes, we do find ourselves falls sick, infections in the throat or stomach flu and so on. So it not only breaking out of the acne.

Acne Is Curable

Not as is curable but it is highly treatable. There are many ways to treat acne, and take Prevention Measure, when break out happening, get treatments and they are available, so there is always able to find nicole pearl good proper treatment that one will definitely works. Blemishes will go away, acne is not cured but it is important to be diligent about the skincare routine even after skin is cleared from Acne.

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